Monday, May 4, 2009

UU Homeschoolers Newsletter - One World - is Now Online!

Our inaugural issue of our new UU Homeschoolers newsletter, One World , is now online.

Many, many (many, many!) thanks to our all volunteer group led by managing editor, Beverly Burgess, who lovingly, enthusiastically, patiently and with willing good humor took on the monumental task of herding us virtual cats. We were frequently sidelined by family and work and health, and she gently coaxed us along kindly and with an open heart.

Tammy Curry did an equally remarkable and wonderful job laying out our patchwork of thoughts and images, even as copies of articles and photos zigzagged across the internet, even as her father was ill in the hospital.

Joan Frisbie, a contributor as well as an editor, kept up even as she dealt with the time consuming details of her mother's passing last fall, carefully considering and recommending and gently helping shape the beautiful works we received into the articulate and artful whole you'll see in our first issue.

The result is One World - a compilation of thoughts and considerations, reflections and wonderments by members and their children.

I hope you enjoy our first issue of One World. I hope you'll contribute to future issues and help us make it one of the loveliest of homeschool periodicals. I think it's well on its way to being so.



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Welcome to the UU Homeschoolers Blog!

We've got so much to say and so much to think about, that we wanted more room to speak and think about it all!

UU Homeschoolers with over 1000 members, continues to grow steadily. Our members are thoughtful, compassionate, curious, funny, insightful and provocative. Some of them are Ministers and Religious Education Directors. Some of them aren't even UU -- Unitarian Universalist. But all of us can get behind the idea of a:

"UU principles centered-philosophy that we will always respect and honor one another, encourage and help one another,join our strengths to create a more just and open minded educational community and build a supportive online community that brings us camaraderie and opens our hearts and our minds in ways we hope our children's hearts and minds will always be open."

Now more than ever, we need open hearts and minds. Our new home on the blogosphere will strive to continue the spiritually uplifting culture of peace, compassion and community that we've created online for so many people for the last 7 years.

So come on in and consider the world with us. It's an amazing place to live and learn!

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