Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All America

UU Homeschooler's member Jennifer Hawley-Zechlin penned "All America" after watching today's inauguration of President Barack Obama, " to honor the day." We are proud and honored to share it here.

All America is now Black.

I am proud to be a newly black citizen.

With ancestors’ skin leathered in the sun, hands torn and bloodied in the
fields, and spirits made stronger in unity.

All America is now Brown.

I too have now crossed the Rio Grande.

I have left my children behind closed borders, brought only the clothes on my
back, wet and dirty, and cold. I too can feel that indescribable hope born only
from desperation.

All American is now Red.

I have now walked the Trail of Tears.

I have had my entire way of life stripped from me. I have been civilized. I
have now witnessed the voice of the Great Spirit both whispered and echoed
throughout the ages.

All America is now Yellow.

I can now embrace my heritage.

One mixed of communism, small fishing villages, rising suns, massacres in
squares, and familial dynasties. I walk with the tiger in the shadows of both
jungles and internment camps. I now continue to stand up in the face of
dictatorships beyond my control.

All America is still white.

I am still as white as I have always been.

But, I am now less ashamed. I hold less guilt. I have exchanged my burden for a
new hope and a new appreciation of my America, of our America.

Today, all America is male and female, gay and straight. All America is Jew and
Gentile, Muslim and Hindu, Buddhist and Agnostic. All America is Democrat and
Republican and Independent. All America is young and old, rich and poor, farmer
and physicist. All America now sings.

Today, all America is reborn and we will let this birth spill from our borders.
We must carry this day forward into the history we are yet to write and to live
and to leave behind us.

All America is now my America.
All America is now your America.
Let us be proud and thankful both today and tomorrow.

Jennifer Hawley-Zechlin
Tuesday January 20, 2009

Jennifer In California Visit our school website and blog
http://thedeeprootsacademy.spaces.live.com/Kire, DD age 12 Peace, Always Peace!

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